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Descrizione prodotto

Speciality oversized kiteboard

Introduced as a new surfboard, the feedback of this shape has been so good that we had to make a kiteboarding version out of it. “Ride this whale, nose and tail.” Juts too good to be true. Not for those who are not believers. It takes more than a wave to appreciate this beauty who eats lunch at McDonald’s. But once you push the “sport button” you become one with the french fries and you understand that all that excess fat is there for a reason.

Simple, pure, essential, equipped with the very best accessories available in the market, from our exclusive new “1000 stripes” diamond groove 4 mms surf EVA pads with tailkick, you can now choose to ride with only the rear pad and wax on the rest of the deck for pure strapless hold-on “feel” or with two pads. In fact you can glue the front pad yourself depending on your style. They are all equipped with inserts for straps.

Hi –density PVC reinforcement on the fin boxes and with the lastest special color edition with extra edge slots Future boxes. Best look and best performance and reliability. The 90 ° fiber angled Bamboo deck reinforced with biaxial 350 grms heel patches, prevents heel denting and keeps a perfect flex of the magic PU/poly construction. Gloss deck and bottom finish.

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5’5”, 5’7”, 5’9”

Volume 28 Lts 30 Lts 33 Lts
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